"Split w/ F.U.B.A.R." CD

Upcoming tours and latest news
So, what's been going on with Splitter you wonder?

First of all our bass player has quit. He just didn't feel the passion for SPLITTER and grindcore anymore. We respect his decision and wish him all the luck in the future.

On the good side a lot of things is happening right now. We're writing a new fullength album that is planned to come out in the first half of next year. Once again it's going to be released by our great label Obscene Productions.

Also we have two tours coming up and one festival show. On the 15th of January we're leaving for a 10 days tour together with NAPALM DEATH and PIGSTY. To start everething off we're starting in Prague by supporting MISERY INDEX, HATE ETERNAL, AEON and SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY. Then we hook with NAPALM DEATH and PIGSTY for a tour through Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

After the tour we get a few days rest and then fly to Switzerland to play at Brutal Grind Assault in Geneva together great bands such as ROTTEN SOUND, JIG-AI and TREPAN DEAD.

To finish Everything off we're also doing A US-tour in may. We have just started the booking and confirmed so far are Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore and Midwest Fuckfest in Milwaukee.

Cancelled Show
Unfortunately we have to cancel the gig at Kafé 44 in Stockholm together with Exhale and M:40 due to various reasons. It's really sad but instead we're focusing extra on the next show at Kafé 44 again in september with Afgrund and The Arson Project. See you there!

New Shirts
A new set of shirts are available for order. Check under MERCH for more info.

Split w/ F.U.B.A.R.
It's finally out. 20 songs of destruction grindcore. The first eight songs by Splitter and the following 12 excellent songs by our brothers in arms F.U.B.A.R.

Check under MERCH for more info on how to order.

Some good news again
Our bass player has decided to return to the band again. We have settled our differences and are our now focusing on the upcoming festivals this summer.

At the moment we have these festivals booked this year:

28/6 Punk Illegal Fest 3, Munkedala - Sweden

10-11-12/7 Obscene Extreme, Trutnov - Czech Republic

13/7 Obscene Extreme After Party, Prague - Czech Republic

31/7 - 2/8 Augustibuller, Lindesberg - Sweden

22/11 Brutal Grind Assault IV, Geneva - Switzerland

Some good news and some bad news
First of all, the full length split CD with F.U.B.A.R. is now on it's way. Both bands music is recorded and the artwork is finished by our good friend Krogh who also did AVSKRÄCKANDE EXEMPLAR. More info coming soon.

The bad news is that our bass player Fredde has quit the band due to personal reasons. We wish him all the luck in the future.

Avskräckande Exemplar LP / New T-shirts!
The vinyl version of Avskräckande Exemplar is now available. It's features a red coloured LP and is released by Czech label Insane Society. For orders contact Insane Society directly.

We also have 4 new t-shirts for sale, check them out under "Merch".

Back from tour!
We're finally back from our European tour. We just want to thank M:40 for being a great band and excellent company during these two weeks/ (Ahh, bhesta). We also like to thank everyone that helped us through this in one or another way - you know who you are! Special thanks goes out to Stino (A Den Of Robbers) and Curby (Obscene Productions). This was a unforgettable trip. To end this, we would like to salute to the czech village people from Cizkrajov u Slavonic, amazing how drunk you actually can get - haha.


"Avskräckande Exemplar" is now available!
Thanks to everyone that joined our releaseparty for the new album. The album has now been released and is available through our homepage. Take a look under Merch for more information.

Yeah, this years first interview has been published by the awesome Czech webzine The Suffering. Check it out here

First review
The first review of the new album has arrived. You can check it our here

"Avskräckande Exemplar"
now available at Obscene E-shop!
If you can't wait until the releaseparty, or just want to learn some chorus to sing along with, buy/order the new Splitter Cd at: Obscene E-shop

Köpi squat sold!
With the demolition of Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen fresh in mind comes the next blow. This is a great tragedy. All of us that have played or visited Köpi knows what I'm talking about. Our condolences goes out the people that's right now fighting for Köpis existance and non-hierarchical and non-commercial connection between culture and politics. Köpi is not for sale!

Check out this cool e-card for the new album made by Obscene Productions.

Welcome to the brand new www.splitter.se
We hope you all get in touch with a more easy-navigated site this time.

Right now, We'll like to thank Mathias Krogh for his wonderful work, building this website and at the same time created a clean and brutal design to it. Thanks a lot Krogh. (More info about his work together with Splitter are coming soon)


Splitter's debut full length release!
We named this album; "Avskräckande Exemplar", wich means, rough translated "Terrifying Example". The album contains 21 brand new songs:

1. Totalkvaddad
2. Sjukast i Världen [download mp3]
3. Livets Svarta Tunnel
4. Våldtagen Själ [download mp3]
5. Om vingar Fanns
6. Fågelskrämman
7. Den Dagliga Skiten
8. Förbipasserande Lik
9. En Andra Chans
10. Magsår
11. Transparent Ondska
12. Flådd På Självkänsla
13. Hemkomst 01:00
14. Slutet Vann
15. Märkt För Livet
16. Träffad
17. Registrerad i Skräck
18. Mitt Problem, Min Huvudvärk, Mitt Liv
19. Gångavstånd Till Undergång
20. Död (För Länge Sedan)
21. Utanförskapet & Jag

"Avskräckande Exemplar" will be released on Obscene Productions on the 25th of May. So, stay tuned for more info!